Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mac n' Jack Salad

Today is the 33rd day of 2011 that we have topped a high temperature of 110 degrees. When it is this hot, all I want are salads and sandwiches. This salad was so good that I only got one serving and my super picky blog inspiring husband ate the rest.

Here is the recipe, and you can find it in the following Rachael Ray cook book that I really love:

You will need the following items

ingredients for Mac n' Jack Salad
Macaroni, jack cheese, corn, red wine vinegar, celery, onion, red pepper and salsa verde. This whole salad cost about $5 to make.

I bought one of those microwave pasta cookers and I absolutely love it. I picked it up on a whim at the grocery store and I use it all the time. Of course amazon has them too, because they have everything. Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker

Get the pasta cooking and prep all the other yummy ingredients.

Chop the veggies...


who cut the cheese?
Who cut the cheese?? oh, me.

Defrost the corn and throw everything in a big bowl

pretty colors
Doesn't that look awesome?

vinegar and oil
Mix up the vinegar and oil.

add the salsa
Stir in the salsa

noodles in
Drain and rinse your noodles with cold water and drop them in.

Mac n' Jack Salad
Give it a stir and admire all the colorful veggies.

Mac n' Jack Salad in Pyrex
This was so easy, cheap and tasty. Again, if the husband ate it, you can bet it is pretty tasty.

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