Monday, August 8, 2011

Excuses are cheap...

I realize it has been almost a year since I updated this blog, is anybody still out there? I could give you a lot of excuses as to why I haven't updated but the truth is I have just been in a funk, and lazy. I am not going to go through all the things that have happened in the last year, but I will go over some things that have kept me away from the blog, and the things that have brought me back.

1. We lost our dog Joey in June after watching him slowly waste away from a non operable adrenal tumor. It was painful and seemed to consume me in ways I only now recognize.

2. I was not inspired to create, partly due to what was going on with Joey and partly because after the move I did not like cooking in my kitchen.

Those are really the two main things that were keeping me away from the blog. So now on to the inspiration to bring me back.

1. I have been getting emails from some wonderfully kind people inquiring about the blog and encouraging me to come back. I have also recently become better friends with some women who inspire me and who I know will encourage me to keep the blog going.

2. My family has welcomed a new dog, Steve. We rescued him through the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue and he is making us all smile and laugh again. Things are also going well for my sister and her kids, so this makes my life a lot less stressful as I worry about them daily.

3. I have been cooking more, and the hubby is actually eating more. It is quite wonderful actually. I think he finally just got so bored with his diet that he had to make a change.

So I don't know exactly what format this blog will take in the coming weeks and months, but I am making a promise to myself to make time for it. I missed all of the wonderful emails and comments and I look forward to visiting some new blogs and making new friends.

I will leave you with a picture of our newest family member, Steve :)

resting Steve


  1. We always enjoyed your blog and would love to see you pick it up again. And we love Steve. Between him and Tanner, we are sure there are lots of good smiles.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. i used to follow you at when you were blogging. i'm really very sorry to hear about your dog but i am very glad that you're going to be coming back into action. my friend and i actually started a food blog together and i have to partially blame you. welcome back :)


  3. Yay, Steve! What a cute little guy. Welcome back to the blogging world. :-)

  4. I've been wishing for your coming back for some time now XD reading your recipes was always something soothing for me. I'm happy you're back :)

  5. I'm glad you are back. I was very sorry about Joe, but am so glad you have Steve. The new dog can never replace the other, but does go a long way to healing a broken heart.

  6. So glad to see you back. I always looked forward to your new recipes. I admit to checking flickr a few times to make sure you were still around :)

  7. Glad you're back! I always enjoyed your recipes and your pictures!!
    I can't imagine dealing with the loss of a pet, I'm glad you're able to make it through and even rescue someone else!
    Look forward to your posts!

  8. Yay ! I am so glad you are back - in what ever format you feel like doing :)


  9. Steve is a cutie!

    So happy to see you back again.

  10. Yay you are back! I've missed all your wonderful recipes. I've been doing weight watchers so I can't wait to try and 'weight watcher-ize' what you come up it. It's also great that Tom is now more open to things that only include bacon ;)

    Yay Steeeeve!!!!


  11. I am so, so excited that you are back!! You were actually the first blog I ever started following. I was a total stalker, never left comments but now that I'm more out there in the blogosphere I really want you to know that I regularly make some of the recipes you put on here!! chicken with artichokes, artichoke dip, chicken and asparagus, on and on!!

  12. Just discovered your blog. New fan!

  13. So happy you are back :) Your blog has always been one of my favorite food blogs!

  14. I am so glad you are regularly updating again! I too went through a blog funk, am still actually. Trying to get inspired and pick myself up by the boot straps.

    So sorry to hear about Joey. Thank you a million times over for rescuing.

    I have always loved your blog and hope you find the motivation to keep posting!