Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The husband...

So you might wonder what my husband eats, since he doesn't like what I cook on most nights. Well, if he had a choice, he would eat tacos 5 nights a week. Beef tacos preferably, but I have got him accustomed to the 'fake meat' that is out there these days. Boca crumbles, Morningstar Farms crumbles, Smart Grounds, Yves and Quorn are all on his approved list.

You might think I am joking about his taco fetish and ability to eat it multiple times a week, but I assure you I am not exaggerating. So when I was out thrifting this past weekend and stumbled upon this, you better believe I snatched it up...

Oh yes, it is a rack for Tacos!

He was so genuinely thrilled with it that I am so glad I spent a whole dollar on it.

In addition to that great find I picked up a couple of pieces of Pyrex at the antique stores.

This was in the parking lot sale for just $6, I had to snag it. I love the simple pattern.

This style of dish is called a Space Saver. I use it in the oven and for storing leftovers in the fridge. What is so unique about this one is the lid...

The pattern is repeated there, which is rare on these style of dishes. I was very excited when I found it. I have several antique stores and thrift stores close to my house and I try to hit one or two every weekend, so I will post more about what I find.

Of course now that I have purchased a taco rack, Friday will be taco night for Tom the hubby. I will let you know how it turned out!


  1. Did you see the corned beef tacos on Kasha's blog?

    They look interesting!

    Maybe you should make them for St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Tacos are pretty good. Cant blame hubby for liking them so much. I think it's great that you're so motivated by food and you mainly just cook for yourself.
    I havent made tacos in years.
    I'm going through a salad fetish at the moment. Got to say, I do a pretty good salad. If you ever want to discuss salads let me know hehe.

    D x

  3. I love tacos too but my stomach can't take the heavy spices. That is a really cool rack. My grandkids love tacos toos.

  4. Hahaha you paid a whole dollar for that rack? Pretty sweet.

  5. How cool is that:) I love your new Pyrex pieces too. Wish I had more space to stash stuff...

  6. Wow, love the pyrex! (and the tacos too!)

  7. great finds! it is amazing that you got your hubby to eat the meat alternatives! i am impressed. for a man that won't eat your delicious cooking, but will eat non-meat...well, i am just amazed!

  8. Oh I would love that taco rack. I agree with the hubby, I could eat tacos about every night. I am crying inside about you being able to find that pyrex and I can't.

  9. I could eat tacos more often than I do -- or just about anything wrapped in a tortilla, including fish tacos.

    I'd use meat rather than the substitutes, though. I used to use the substitutes a lot -- until I read the ingredients lists. I decided meat was a healthier option than any substitute. To quote Michael Pollan: "Don't eat anything pretending to be something it isn't."

  10. Loving your pryex with the patterned lid. We don't have thrift stores, nor many antique stores after ebay became the world wide one! B

  11. Aren't tacos a major food group. We will keep our eye out for pyrex for your collection. We have some of our own.