Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eating in Amsterdam

I thought I would share some of what I had to eat while in Amsterdam. As you all know the hubby doesn't really care for food so he watched me eat a couple of meals while he sipped a nice cold beer :)

We got some pizza at our favorite pizza spot in the main plaza area, it is the best pizza I have ever had.

The hubby had a nice big bacon burger at the Koepel Cafe, it looked amazing and of course came with great fries. The Dutch love their fries!

I had some cream of mushroom soup with some bread. The soups at the Koepel are the best.

Of course we had some delicious beers that you can't get in the US.

Giant pancakes!!

More Giant Pancakes!! :)

Another traditional Dutch food, Croquettes. These were stuffed with veal and were delicious.

And finally my favorite...

MUSSELS. Yum. The hubby was somewhat mortified watching me eat these, but he was a good sport. Of course we also got plenty of fries with Mayo or "Fritessaus" as they call it. We had a great trip and I recommend you go check out Amsterdam if you ever get the opportunity.


  1. Thanks for sharing those pics!

    It all looked yummy last year
    AND this year's pics made me all droolie too!


    At least you spared us from the KHAT Khafe!

  2. lol is he eating grilled cheese in two of the pictures? too funny! :) everything looks delish!

  3. Wow those pancakes...! I want..

  4. Those pancakes looked amazing...what was in them? You so have me itching to want to go to Amsterdam!!!!

  5. YUM! I am so glad you posted about the food there! ::drools::

    I really really love mussels. Any seafood to be honest.

  6. yum!! i love mussels. it's so hard to find good ones too. everything looks great!

  7. hey there! love your blog! I am actually a dutch person, and it's nice to see you sampling the dutch food :d hope you had fun while being in Holland.

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