Sunday, May 17, 2009

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich with Tahini Sauce

I love Portobello Mushrooms and I love tahini so this recipe really caught my interest. This is a great vegetarian sandwich and you will not miss the meat, I promise.

This is super easy and quick. Preheat your broiler and lets grab our ingredients.

You need some portobello mushroom caps, a nice roll or bread, tomato, onion, tahini, ranch dressing, swiss cheese, milk, cajun seasoning and lemon pepper.

Toss the bread in the broiler to toast up.

You can definitely tell the food I am excited to eat because I tend to forget to take prep photos. Slice up your onions and mushrooms and get them in a pan with some oil over medium high heat. Let them cook for about 10 minutes.

While the mushrooms and onions cook, slice up the tomato. A couple of readers have asked about the cute pink knife I have been using on the blog for a while. It is a Kai Komachi "Meat" knife that I picked up at a close out store called "Tuesday Morning". I did just recently see them at Target and I really recommend it. It is inexpensive, sharp and very light. And its pink!

Mix the tahini, ranch and milk together.

After the 10 minutes is up stir in the cajun seasoning and the lemon pepper. You can also hit it with a little bit of salt. Let that cook for 2 minutes more.

While that finishes up spread the sauce on your bread.

Drop the onions and mushrooms on the bread.

Layer on the cheese and tomato and then put the top on!

You will not miss the meat in this filling and tasty sandwich.


  1. Tahini is delish. I can eat it out of the jar hehe. Nice looking sambo!

    D xx
    Loved the Cowboy Hot Pot btw. Bryan made it for me because I was at work. He can make it again, it was great!

  2. Oh lord, that looks to die for!

  3. OMG! Wow... that is the most devine thing I have ever seen... I love love love tahini, and ciabatta, and mushrooms... Im all over this one!

  4. I found your blog via Livejournal, thankfully, I adore your blog. I HAVE to try out this recipe.

  5. Yum!! I always see portobellos and love them -- but can't always think of what to do with them.

    This sounds delish!

    xxx Joan (with permission from J and JH)