Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Potato Soup

I am back from my honeymoon and can't wait to get back to cooking! I had a lot of great food in Amsterdam and Belgium (and a lot of great beer) but I am excited to cook again! So lets get right to it! This is a simple recipe for a delicious soup that is perfect for this time of the year as sweet potatoes are cheap and soup is a great thing to have when it is chilly outside. It is actually starting to cool off here in Arizona!

Lets gather some ingredients and crank up the iPod.

Not very exciting unless you are a gadget geek like me, but I like to listen to podcasts while I cook.

You need some shallots or onions.

Some sweet potatoes.

Pure maple syrup, NOT pancake syrup, some Thyme, Curry powder, cayenne and some nutmeg. I always grate my own nutmeg as it really is so much better than the jarred stuff. I am about done with this jar of Curry powder, does anyone else have a good one to recommend to me? This one is just ok.

You also need some chicken stock, the Rachael Ray stuff is not that bad. You could absolutely use veggie stock to make this Vegetarian. Some butter, a lime, and some milk. The recipe says you can use some dark rum also, but I didn't have any on hand.

Peel and cube up your sweet potato. The smaller the cube, the faster it will cook.

Chop up the shallots into a rough dice.

Add the butter to a small dutch oven or sauce pan over medium heat.

Stir in your shallots or onions and let those cook for a couple of minutes until they are soft.

Add your broth, sweet potato, nutmeg, maple syrup, thyme, salt, curry powder and cayenne and bring it to a boil.

Once it is boiling, reduce the heat so it is simmering and pop on the lid. Let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

While it cooks, pour out your milk, zest your lime, and grab your blender or immersion blender.

After the 20 minutes, pull it off the heat, add the milk, lime juice and rum if using and blend it up.

Looking rather delicious to me...

And boy was it ever. Garnish it with the lime peel and you are ready to eat. This soup has such simple ingredients but really has a lot of flavors going on. I really loved this and look forward to making it again as the temperature drops even more around here.


  1. i have some real maple syrup laying around from another recipe and i was at a loss what to do with it. VOILA! soup.

    though i might do half potato/half butternut squash.

  2. The combination of ingredients sounds absolutely fabulous. I'll bet you really enjoyed it, too!

  3. This is so similar to a soup I made this past weekend! Mine was a harvest vegetable soup and, along with sweet potatoes and onion, included zucchini, carrot, an apple and a pear! It used curry as well, and was all blended up -- I just had the last bowl for lunch today!

  4. Okay, how many dutch ovens do you have? I haven't seen this blue one before and I know you have a red one from the french soup recipe with all the wine!

  5. super! I love curry and sweet potato... I know I'm late but welcome back!