Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chicken and Asparagus in White Wine Sauce

If you are looking for a quick weekday meal that is easy and light, look no further. This chicken meal comes from Cooking Light magazine.

I buy a lot of cooking magazines from the library or used book stores. Most times I read them and don't really feel the need to hang on to them anymore, unless there are a ton of recipes in them that I want to try. Instead I cut out the recipes I like and glue them into a notebook. I then recycle the magazine instead of hanging on to it.

Lets gather up some ingredients!

You need flour and chicken broth.

Some white wine. You may need to open the wine and pour a glass to be sure that it tastes good enough to be included in your dish. You may need to finish the whole glass to be absolutely certain.


Pour your flour into a shallow dish.

garlic, you want to mince this up.

I am still loving the green bags, my asparagus stayed fresh for so much longer than it would have in a normal produce bag.

If you are not used to working with asparagus, you want to trim off the bottom ends as they can be tough and woody. To trim the ends just grab one spear and snap the end off, wherever it naturally breaks is a good indicator as to where to cut the rest of your asparagus.

You need a chicken breast. Stick it between some plastic wrap and grab something to smack the heck out of it with. You can use a rolling pin, a heavy pan or a mallet. Pound it until it is about 1/4 inch thick.

It is a great stress reliever to smack the chicken flat. Make sure you season it with some salt and pepper.

Now that you have your ingredients we can start to cook.

Melt the butter in a pan.

Dredge the seasoned chicken in the flour and shake off any excess.

Get it in the pan and cook it for 3 minutes.

Flip it and cook it on the other side for 3 minutes.

Take it out of the pan and put some foil over it to keep it hot.

Pour in the broth, the wine and the minced garlic. Scrape all the good chicken bits off the bottom of the pan and let that cook for about 2 minutes.

While it cooks grab some fresh lemon juice.

Sprinkle in some parsley and set that aside.

Get your asparagus in the pan with the broth and wine. Pop the lid on and let it cook for about 3 minutes. Remove the asparagus and stir in the lemon juice and parsley. Plate everything and pour the sauce over it.

This was fast and easy and so tasty. The chicken stayed very juicy because it was pounded so thin so it did not need to cook for long. The sauce was great and the whole meal gets a bright flavor from the lemon juice.


  1. We use a lot of fresh asparagus. It's a great vegetable and you can cook it in so many way. We usually grill it with olive oil but it goes well in the microwave too.
    This is a great dish.


  2. Yum! Sounds fabulous. It's going onto the list

    I tried the pork chops with sauerkraut and apples yesterday. I substituted dry apple wine for the apple juice (we'd just gotten back from a winery and orchard) and thought it came out really well.

  3. I just have to say that I randomly came across your blog searching the internet for a dinner recipe the other day (I found the chicken braised in wine and apricots, yum!) and I love your blog! It's so nice to see fellow cooks that just enjoy the process of cooking a nice meal at home for one or two and don't see cooking so much as a "chore" but as a stress-relief or relaxation/calming activity after a long day. Thanks, and keep it up! Love the pics!

  4. Love love love asparagus too and by the way per your suggestion I got me some Debbie Meyer Green Bags too!

  5. Had this for dinner tonight - it was fabulous! I added about 2 tbsp heavy cream to the sauce before topping chicken and asparagi (asparagus plural). Delicious! Thanks for the great and simple recipe :)