Monday, February 18, 2008

Stuffed Cornish Hens with Swiss Chard

This recipe also came from the most recent issue of Rachael Ray's Magazine. It is simple, but so so good. I cut this recipe in half.

I am glad I started cooking these little guys. They are inexpensive and have great flavor.

Lets start making the stuffing! Grab your shallot.

If you can't find prosciutto you could use ham or bacon, but if you can find it and you can afford it, use it! Stay tuned as later this week I will show you something to do with this stuff that will amaze your taste buds.


Dried Mango

chopped up

I adore this bread

here is a tip for cutting cubes of bread, use your pizza wheel! you can cut two slices in no time.

gotta have your garlic!

I use my dough blade to transfer things from the cutting board to the pot.

get them nice and soft

it looks so pretty with all the colors!

add your broth after everything is all mixed up and get your chickens ready while this cools.

get them all nice and stuffed and tie them up. I don't have kitchen twine so I use embroidery thread.

I keep my flour in a plastic gallon sized bag. I realized when I made this that I have had this same plastic bag for probably 7 years. Obviously not the same flour though.

toss in your garlic

drop the flowered chickens in the pot

I should have browned them more, I am always so impatient! They went into the oven and I grabbed my chard.

I picked the rainbow chard because its just pretty.

you only want to use the leafy part of the chard, not the stems.

it is going to look like you have a mountain of greens, but they will cook way down.

this is what you have left when you are done cutting.

throw the towel over the greens until the hen is done.

get your chicken out of the pot and reserve some cooking liquid

throw in your greens and watch them shrink. stir them around a bit as they cook.

there they go! add the reserved cooking liquid as they shrink.

The stuffing was so incredible, I should have made extra to have more later. I will show you some tips for more leftover chicken later in the week, and as I mentioned, more fun with prosciutto!


  1. That looks great. Pappy loves those game hens. I won't tell him what is inside. Maybe use spinach instead of chard.

  2. I am so making this stuffing, and any excuse for swiss chard!

    Thanks for a great recipe!

  3. I had never seen the rainbow chard before your post (or I never noticed it). I found some tonight and remembered how good yours looked and bought it. It tasted as good as it looked!