Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spaghetti with Lemon, Tuna and Breadcrumbs

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Today I am sharing a quick after work meal that is simple and will be on the table with very little work.

Preheat your oven and boil some water for some pasta and lets prep the few other ingredients. Pulse your bread with oil in the food processor, or cheat and just toast up some breadcrumbs from a bag. Toast them for 6-8 minutes in the oven, keep an eye on them! Get your pasta in the water as well.

You need some lemon, olives, parsley, tuna, breadcrumbs and some pasta.

Zest your lemon and then juice it. You need about 3 tablespoons of lemon juice if you are making the full recipe, I cut everything in half.

I used some kalamata olives, but you can use whatever kind you like, give them a rough chop, open your tuna and we are almost ready to eat.

Save some of the pasta water and then drain your noodles. Return the pasta to your pan and add in the olives, tuna, lemon juice and lemon zest. Give it a toss and add in a little of the pasta water to create a sauce.

Plate it up and sprinkle your toasted breadcrumbs and parsley on the top.


  1. This looks super yummy...I do a variation of this. Trader Joe's has a lemon paperdelle pasta and I also add capers. YUMMMO!!!

    I will definitely try it.


  2. Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your site! I have saved many of the recipes. I can relate to your situation in that my boyfriend and I usually don't eat the same thing but this is because I don't eat meat (just the occasional seafood) and the bf loves his steak! So your site has really helped in finding some recipes that I know he'll enjoy (& without too much leftovers)! Thank you! I hope you keep posting!

  3. i just found your blog and you're a godsend. it's not always easy to cook from recipe books, and you provide the extra help that's needed. thank you!