Saturday, August 16, 2008

Basque Style Chicken

This was a great dish to use up some random leftovers I had in my fridge. I hate to waste food so I always try to find something to do with that last half of a red pepper and those few olives swimming around.

This recipe is simple but full of flavor. Lets gather up our ingredients!

I served the chicken over some brown rice. Sorry for the blurry shots in this post, still not 100% with this new camera.

I had some diced onion already in the fridge.

Canned tomatoes, every cooks best friend.

I used a 'little' garlic. I so love my garlic.

Some olives leftover from the Tuna Puttanesca. I gave those a quick chop.

I chopped up some red pepper as well.

Get the chicken browned in some oil. The chicken was from a grill pack and had some citrus seasoning on it already so that is why it is a little orange. Once it is browned remove it to a dutch oven and set it aside.

Add in the garlic and let it cook for a minute.

stir in the onions and the peppers and let those cook for just a couple of minutes while stirring.

Finally add in the tomatoes and olives and let those cook for just a couple of more minutes.

Pour the veggies over the chicken in a dutch oven or heavy pot and get the heat going on low. Put the lid on and simmer for about a half an hour.

See you soon chicken!

When your chicken is almost done get your rice down on a plate. Scoop out a chicken thigh and some of the sauce and you are ready to eat!

Simple, delicious and ready in no time.


  1. This dish looks really delish. Did hubby like it?


  2. Your dishes are really pretty and always healthy!

  3. The chicken is in the sink thawing at this moment. We will be having this for dinner tomorrow.

  4. Quick, easy and yummy even without the rice.